Eat Bulaga Backstage with GMA Network Pinoy Replay

Eat Bulaga is one of the longest-running Pinoy tambayan appear in Philippine. This Pinoy network program was created by TV and generation example Inc (TAPE). Eat Bulaga holds the record of the longest-running shows in the historical backdrop of Philippine media on Pinoy TV.It was first broadcast on TV on July 30, 1979. 

De Leon gave the title of the show Eat Bulaga in which eat is speaking to Lunchtime, and Bulaga is depicting the principle target of the show, i.e., to fill the show with shocks. The motto of the show Hangga't May Bata, May Eat Bulaga! Was additionally plan by Leon which implies that Where there will be kids; there will be Eat Bulaga. At the point when the show was circulated on TV out of the blue, there were numerous odds of abrogation. This show has confronted a great deal of difficulties and obstacle to keep up its record of the longest running early afternoon appear in Philippines. The rating of the show progressively expanded in 1980. In 1989 the Eat Bulaga show moved to ABS-CBN on account of some basic issues which were discharged by sequestration of RPN. Eat Bulaga then later on moved to the GMA. Through GMA Network's all inclusive channel Eat Bulaga was flowed all of a sudden worldwide in 2005. Toward the finish of 2002, the sexbomb young ladies surrendered from the show after a discussion with her maker. In 2009 Eat Bulaga praised its 30th celebration, which is additionally named as "Tatlong Dekads ng Dabarkads". The individuals from the show at that point worked earnestly to enable the uncommon people to like helping 30 penniless NGOs. In 2011 the Sex bomb young ladies alongside Joy Cancio (who is a choreographer) surrendered once more. This time they left the show for ABS-CBN's Happy Yipee Yehey! Joey De Leon left the show after an unfortunate behavior with TVJ trio. The maker of Student Canteen exploited this chance and offered Joey to join his show. He nearly acknowledged the offer, however ultimately, he chose to remain with Eat Bulaga.

In 2005 Eat Bulaga won the best twelve show in Asia TV grants on Pinoy channel. They were effectively ready to beat its other rival candidates like 2005 Asia AID MTV appear


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